Tom's Mini Mart in Paukukalo's last week of operation :(

I have openly argued the positon of this Maui favorite to be the best shave ice on the island. When I was in high school, I remember the day they gave me the option to come back inside to get more syrup. An unprecedented offer that has always kept a pleasant memory for me. Shima Poi Shop transformed into Tom's. We'll see if the end of this chapter morphs into another....

Tom's Mini Mart 360° view

Tom's Mini Mart 360° view

Quick Interview w/ Matisyahu

I know when I'm talking to a Grade-A calibur celebrity when their time with me is like a countdown to a shuttle launch.

I wish I could have had more time to talk with Matisyahu after observing the arc of evolution in his performances and appearance.

I look to this man's music as an inspiration and motivation. I am grateful to have had a few words with him.

Hope you enjoy it.