Dear Maui News... (or Maui Assumptions in this case)

I got a call from Brian Perry, City Editor for the Maui News, this morning about a news headline I mentioned regarding the Pi'ilani Promenade EIS. He tried to scold me for not giving them credit for the story. Here's a lil tid-bit, Brian and your staff there at the old paper...... I have never picked up a newspaper for the past 5 years outside of looking for Black Friday specials on Thanksgiving. I know things are looking really messed up there in terms of sales and operations. Yes, I accepted your immediate apology, but would like to use this entry to reinforce and reiterate. ... CHECK YOUR COMPETITORS BEFORE CLAIMING I ACTUALLY READ AND USE STORIES FROM YOUR PAPER.
( released this info a day and a half before you printed it)

Sincerly, The Guy You're Under-Estimating