Will I wear a Broncos jersey while watching the Super Bowl?

It's Super Bowl Sunday morning and I have found a Broncos jersey in a costume bin at the back of my closet.

So the question is..... "Will I wear it?"

First of all, hats off to the great player, Peyton Manning, that rose from the ashes of a serious injury in Bruce Wayne-like fashion. Hopefully the League of Shadows equivalent in the Legion of Boom will be shot through the chest with Denver receivers wounding them with catch after catch resulting in a flow of points.

With that said, let's get into my REAL THOUGHTS:  MY Super Bowl was the NFC Championship game two weeks ago.

I have taken the loss a couple of weeks ago lightly. I wasn't one of those angry 49er fans making excuses. I'm the first to admit that Richard Sherman made a game winning play that deserved attention. I understand the criticism toward that loud-mouthed idiot, but won't deny that he is a great player.

That's where my Seahawk kudos end.

I will be wearing this jersey that's been put into the washer. I don't even know who "No. 90, Smith" is on the Denver side, nor do I know what time frame this jersey comes from. In all honesty, I don't even know how it got in my costume bin.

I'll be yelling "OMAHA" every time Manning takes a snap though.

Wait.... let's make some changes first.

I actually enjoyed the Pro Bowl 2014

I will be the first to say that the creative marketing minds that helm the NFL's public relations sifted up some real interest with this years Pro Bowl.

Pitting such charismatic veterans as "pick em coaches" in a dynamic change proved positive, for me anyway.

I was openly critical about the past interests of NFL's All-Star game (not that my opinion matters) and turned the game on just to see if their revamp was working......and, you know what..... it worked for me.

It did have a scent of professional wrestling essence about it as players had issues with WHEN they got picked in the Pro Bowl draft, Doug Flutie looked like the gridiron version of Mean Gene, along with Rice and Sanders giving that managerial mouthpiece enhancement that only Bobby The Brain and Jimmy Hart could capture. Oh... not to mention that Primetime claimed he was gonna suit up, a parallel to Bobby The Brain putting on that Andre The Giant-like cross-body singlet.

For the record, that Fall Out Boy performance seemed awkward in a cult-like way.

All in all, trends change around the world, and I'm glad the NFL put such thought into this new format.

Can't wait for the snowy Super Bowl on Sunday though!



The Beauty of "Goodbye"

Have you ever had that moment when some dumb ass at the store makes that extra effort to shimmy in front of you from the side of the check-out line?

What about that person who takes the time to give you their uninformed opinion on a matter just to lash their inner disgruntlement onto you?

Well there's a new way to deal with that person!

It's a simple "Goodbye!" (outloud)

The "Goodbye" is a test to see how far this person will go to keep pushing their crabby agenda on you.

Say you give them the "Goodbye" and they're still in your face?

That's when you spit at them. Just like a llama, but cooler.


I promise.....

.....to not judge a person by the amount of B.O. they put out into the world.

.....to refrain from talking about my gargoyle hover-squatting in public restrooms.

.....to eat less mayonnaise.

.....to never call anyone "my dawg."

.....to always burp my name aloud so you know I took full credit for it.